Employer of Choice Registration

Privacy Information:
The information collected will be used for the purposes noted in this form. You can amend your information or withdraw consent by contacting us via employerofchoicepcpm@rmit.edu.au. For further details on how we handle your personal information, please refer to the RMIT Privacy Statement: www.rmit.edu.au/utilities/privacy].

RMIT PCPM Employer of Choice registration form

This form is used to provide the required registration of your organisation for the RMIT School of Property, Construction & Project Management's (PCPM) Employer of Choice Program. The program is designed to create and foster mutually beneficial relationships between the school, registered industry employers and PCPM. students.
CODE OF CONDUCT The code reflects our commitment to working together to promote an ethical, just and responsible work environment for all members of this program. I agree to : • Ensure that I understand the study situation of any student I take on, and allow flexibility to attend classes as required. • If providing an ongoing role, I will ensure that my student employee is equipped to develop, grow and succeed within my organisation. • Maintain a professional and safe environment for all employees • Ensure that ongoing feedback, support and guidance is provided to students and the School of Property, Construction and Project Management. • Any student I take on, I will enter into a written agreement with them and abide by the terms as set out by Fair Work Australia • The organisation may be listed as an Employer of Choice on the RMIT website • The organisation may be contacted from time to time with school or event updates
Brief overview of your organisation
Please select the study areas that would most align with your organisation (your can choose more than one)
Please nominate the areas of the Employer of Choice program you are most interested in (you may choose multiple areas and you can always opt in or out of these areas later)
What position in the company does this contact have?